Murphy Bed Systems

Our Frame (Mechanism)

The term "Mechanism" refers to the actual operating hardware
of the Murphy Bed.

There are many types of mechanisms out there on the market, but none that rival the strength, reliability and ease of operation that we offer. Our mechanism begins with cold rolled steel, cut to precision dimensions and welded (not bolted) together at all points. All final assembly hardware is off pitched and hardened for longevity. After it is assembled at the shop it is coated with enamel paint for a beautiful finish. All of the parts including the balancing springs and bedding strap are made right here in Utah.

  • Easy one handed operation
  • Uses a conventional mattress, even pillowtops!
  • Bed sizes from Twin to King
  • No lubrication or adjustments...maintenance free!
  • Mounts easily to concrete or wood floors
  • Scuff free, adjustable furniture grade feet
  • Designed for occasional or everyday use.
  • Low impact... no more need to cut your carpet